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Wilkin and Wilkins offer a wide array of construction services. We can assist with new home construction, remodeling, commercial construction and custom cabinetry.

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New Home Construction

Wilkins and Wilkins can bring your dream home to life. Our new home construction services run from site selection, home design and drafting, material selection, impeccable construction, and complete landscaping. By undertaking projects one at a time, we are able to give each client's project undivided attention. Your home becomes our home during construction. Once we even moved to the construction site for six months in order to build according to our high standards – to be on site, aware of all details at every moment, and be able to keep the project moving along at a steady pace regardless of weather or other factors that can sideline other builders.


Not everyone has a Wilkins & Wilkins custom home, but anyone can have Wilkins & Wilkins quality in renovations or additions to existing homes. We maintain that any work worth doing is worth doing to the level we and others expect. We take the same pride in a 200-square-foot renovation as we do a 2,000-square-foot addition. Renovation projects tap into the long experience and creative use of space and materials that we have amassed during our years in construction. Jim knows how codes, techniques, and materials have changed over the years and can approach your project with decision appropriate to the age of the home. "It's In The Detail" is who we are as much as how we work.

Commercial Construction

Any space that requires construction or remodeling is a space for Wilkins and Wilkins. Our custom woodworking shop and office are in a retail and office facility we designed and constructed. If your needs require a new building, renovations to an existing building, or outfitting with custom cabinetry offices, reception rooms, treatment areas, or retail spaces, we have the experience and skills to help you achieve your goals. To us, a client is a client and each one deserves the highest quality workmanship and as attentive care as any other.

Custom Cabinetry

Jim has been in a cabinet shop from childhood. He delights in creating custom cabinets to suit each client's tastes and needs. His woodworking shop is expansive and capable of creating everything from a tiny bathroom vanity to a gourmet kitchen to an ensemble of office furniture for an entire office building. Wilkins & Wilkins custom cabinets are custom- designed, custom-built, and custom-installed. Each piece, from raw material to finished component, is handmade in the woodworking shop.

Home Features

All of the homes regardless of size have the same pricing structure with all of the features listed. Your costs are broken down into heated square feet at one price, the garage area, bonus room, porches decks etc. are priced at much less per square foot.

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